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Prime customers have always been the best when it comes to communicating what makes Prime the best. Read what a few have said about their experiences at Prime. We think our customers are awesome!

I am writing to express my appreciation for your staff’s service to and consideration of me. Kathy Prior, Fred Marsters, and Kyle Horeanopoulos were responsive to my concerns and kept me updated about the status of the recall for my 2010 Toyota Tacoma truck.
My truck displayed the seat belt defect, so I was obliged to leave it with you. I was given a loaner and told the part would arrive four days later. The part did not arrive from Toyota on that date, but two days later.

I was kept apprised of this on a daily basis. Finally, due to my inconvenience, I was given a 6 cylinder tune-up at no cost.
I wanted you to know how pleased i was with the named staff and their service toward me.

by Joseph

Joe Nason is the type of sales person you want when you buy a new car, He made the process quick, easy, painless and even fun. He carefully answered all of my questions and helped me get the right car at the right price. I have been a Prime Motor Group fan for the entire time I have lived in Maine – First with Prime Ford and now a diehard convert to Prime Toyota. Love my 2012 Toyota Corolla, Excellent service during and after purchase. I have referred several people to Joe, his level if integrity is top notch and I would definitely buy another car from Prime and Joe Nason again

Jennie Krasse on Google Reviews

Overall this was a pleasant, stress free experience. Berto was very helpful, did not pressure me in anyway, and wouldn’t let me sign any paperwork until he was sure I was completely happy. I will definitely be recommending Prime to my friends and family.

Joey Poisson on DealerRater

Loved the service and love the car!! Purchased my car from Maria Surprenant, she was GREAT! I told her briefly what I was looking for and she found me the perfect car right off the bat. She wasn’t pushy or make me feel like I was being cornered into buying the car. She was flexible and understanding. Great service. Definitely recommend Prime Toyota!

Anonymous on Google Reviews

My car sales experience at Prime Toyota Scion was incredibly enjoyable. Once I decided on the car I was going to buy, the actual financing and sales time took a flat 2 hours. The sales person was incredibly helpful and answered all questions. He made the experience incredibly easy. I would definitely 100% purchase another car from these guys!

Mallory Treworgy on Google Reviews

I have made my second purchase Through Prime Toyota of Saco Maine for the 2nd time and could not be happier, with the growth of my family I decided to trade in my 2 door Coupe for a family appropriate Sedan (Toyota Camry) and absolutely love the car. not to mention the service from the dealership who were extremely helpful in accommodating my financial needs. The friendly atmosphere and positive vibes made this decision easy as pie. My dealer Berto Arroyo was wonderful, he was more than willing to help with my financial situation and his great attitude, personality, and overall performance will have me go back to Prime again in the near future, I recommend anyone looking for a new vehicle to visit your nearest Prime dealership and if you’re looking for a great dealer I strongly Recommend you ask for Berto Arroyo.

knight rider on DealerRater

I am writing in regards to the service on my 1994 4WD Toyota Pickup Truck on February 10, 2014. I called service at 7:30a.m. letting them know that my truck would be arriving by tow truck. I explained that my truck was smoking in the engine compartment. I expressed to her that I would need to rent a car because I would need to get to work the next day depending upon what was wrong with my truck. The lady on the other line was kind, and quickly assured me that she would have a car for me to rent. I also requested to have the same mechanic work on my truck as in the past. I also requested to work with the same service manager in the past. The lady knew who I was talking about and assured me that she could meet both of those requests. She let me know that the service manager would call me once the truck had been diagnosed. I want to say thank you to the lady who talked with me on the phone and worked with me so quickly to meet my transportation needs.

Later, in the day I was called by the Service Manager with positive news about my truck. He let me know what the mechanic had said and what needed to be done. Upon my arrival to pick up the rental car I was greeted by the ladies in the service department. I was then escorted to the car rental station where I was able to pick up a rental car. I was then able to meet with the service manager and the mechanic to discuss the problem with my truck. I truly appreciate having the ability to talk to the mechanic about my truck. Working with the same mechanic who is so knowledgable about my truck makes my life happy. It is necessary to have the same service manager because he already understands and is aware of what is needed to keep my truck on the road. The service manager lets me know that he will call me with updates about my truck and brings me back to the rental station to pick up the keys to the car. Then I am greeted by a lady who gives me a dog treat to give to my dog at home. From here I go out to get in the rental car where I am greeted by the man who handles the vehicles in the work bay. I am off to work.

The next morning the service Manager calls to let me know when my truck will be ready and shares with me a discount that I would be eligible for. What great news! When I arrive in the afternoon to pickup my truck I am greeted again, am provided with a recap of the services provided by the mechanic and a discount.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for making this experience enjoyable. I do not like breaking down on the road but knowing that when I call Prime Toyota I am able to speak directly to the mechanic, am able to have a Service Manager that cares about my budget, ladies who provide me with dog treats for my dog, and other staff members who smile and greet you when you arrive makes the world a better place.

Thank you to the mechanic who is always able to get me back on the road, the service manager who always returns and answers his phone, the ladies who always make me smile when they ask about my dog.

Bobbie Jo Boulay

I had an unbelievable experience at this dealership. They came highly recommended by other people that have purchase vehicles from them in the past and experience the same stellar customer service. I have to note that Berto Arroyo was a pleasure the work with. He addressed all of my requests and was professional at all times. He went above and beyond the call of duty. I would definitely recommend this dealership for their quality of work and professionalism. They were not pushy and made sure that all your needs were met. A+++++++++++++

Brendan Finnegan on DealerRater

First and foremost, everyday people read/hear bad reviews on how car dealerships are like shark tanks. They feel that they are almost always taken advantage of, even after they’ve done their research. At Prime Toyota, you will feel relaxed, and walk out with an amazing deal. I went in, ready and waiting to play games. I anticipated a lot of bull and to my surprise, got none. I started the process by filling out a credit application online on their website. A man named Norm followed up with me. He was polite and prompt. I felt like I walked in “knowing” someone. He gave me two other names and lined me up with the best salesperson I could have asked for. Like in many of these other reviews, Chris G. was exceptional! He made me feel completely at ease the entire time I was there. His knowledge was impeccable, and we did only slight negotiating on a trade-in. My good credit combined with a deal they were currently running got me a seriously low APR. I test drove the vehicle and was so impressed by Chris and the rest of the team at Prime Toyota I bought the car within a few hours! I feel satisfied and happy about my purchase. Also, Chris related to us on a personal level, and showed us pictures of his son on his phone. He made us feel like he was a good friend, rather than a shifty sales shark. Bottom line is, Toyotas are awesome and you can find one many places, but Prime is the best. When you go see for yourself, don’t forget, to ask for Chris G.!

yaytoyota19 on Edmunds