When is it time to change the oil filter on your Toyota Camry? What about rotating the tires or inspecting the brake pads? Several repairs show up in the Toyota maintenance schedule. Every factory-trained service technician working at Prime Toyota - Saco, serving Scarborough, is here to help you keep up with these regular car repairs. We're going to outline the intervals of five types of auto maintenance. Following these guidelines will benefit Toyota performance and the confidence you have as a Toyota driver in nearby Portland.

Five Toyota Repairs to Schedule at Prime Toyota - Saco

We're going to walk you through five car repairs that you'll need to schedule for your Toyota sedan, SUV, or truck. Each repair benefits your Toyota Highlander in a specific way. Changing the oil impacts engine cleanliness. Rotating the tires boosts vehicle stability. Checking the brake pads influence safety. Knowing how often to schedule routine Toyota repairs at your Saco Toyota dealer will reduce the headache of costly breakdowns near Biddeford.

  • Oil Change: If you're electing a full-synthetic oil change, schedule one every 6,000 miles or six months. If you pick a conventional oil change, you should plan to schedule one every 3,000 miles or three months.
  • Tire Rotation: To keep your tires wearing evenly, you should have them rotated twice a year. It's also important to check your tire pressure once a month. When it's time to replace your tires, buy new ones in Saco.
  • Brake Inspection: Every 10,000 miles is the timeframe for scheduling brake checks. Brake replacements occur less often - every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. You can check for signs like squealing, grinding or slow braking.
  • Battery Installation: Car batteries last between three to five years. You can schedule a complimentary battery test at Prime Toyota - Saco to check your battery strength. You can buy and install your new battery here.
  • Air Filter Replacement: You should replace your cabin air filter once a year to maintain cleaner air inside your vehicle's cabin. Cabin air filters are one of the authentic auto parts on sale at Prime Toyota - Saco.

If you have any questions about routine Toyota maintenance, contact the Toyota service advisors at Prime Toyota - Saco, serving Dayton. You can schedule your Toyota service appointment online.

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